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Part 2 - Week 1

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15th August 2006

The Museum of Natural History

We were hungry, so Lee took me to the famous Carnegie's Deli.
I ordered the Carnegie Haul.  A triple-decker with Pastrami, Salami and Tongue...  Now, I know a thing or two about sandwiches, but this monster was bonkers!!!  I have never witnessed a sandwich as massive as this!  And they kinda didn't really give the bread much of a chance in the sarnie, three weedy thin slices of white bread and then 5 meters of meat in between!  I was hungry, but could only manage half... Crickey!

Robert Indiana's Love sculpture on 6th Ave
Love is not always perfect apparently...

Madison Square Gardens... No ice rink in the summer tho... gutted.

Atlas... Poor guy, he looks so stressed... as if he has the whole world on his shoulders...  Oh, he has. :-o

Oooh, an old church!!!  must be, ooh, over one hundred years old!  that's so old! ;-)

Donald's house

The Apple Store

The shop window of F.A.O. Schwarz, New Yorks mega toy shop... and NYC's version of our Hamley's in London (Tho Hamley's is way bigger i think)

Bundy the Bear! isn't it?

Dinner at Tony's with Lee, Genny and friends.

Tony's Chicken... When at Tony's, you have to get it!

And then a few drinks afterwards

My bedroom at Lee's was in fact the library, decorated with lots of photos... of several people you might know :-)

I didn't get a chance to get to the Met, but i saw it from the cab on the way past!!!

Trundling along side the Hudson River on the train heading up to Niagara Falls...

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