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The dangley windmill ball thing Blues Point from the Harbor Bridge Passing train Thu the smoke lies the Opera House Harbor bridge is burning down! Raining fire Marvelous mortars Happy New Year!!! 2005!!! Sydney CBD from Blues Point Ticketyboo! Guy likes a bit of tounge It's a cracker! Now that's a mischievous grin if ever i saw one! The LOUD Brothers... Rav & Wendy Ahhh!Rob & Zo Click! Eugh! Winky Sandra Nice air-bursts Like a couple of eyes looking down at us... ! Rick 'n' Rob... Don't ask what Rob is concentrating on... You couldn't ask for a better vantage point of the bridge... absolutely smack on dead centre to the bloody thing!!!Cool!!! Your not allowed to bring yer own grog... yeah ok mate! Our spot for the Sydney Harbor New Years fireworks... Not bad eh! Have skateboard & Esky, will travel Preparing for NYE Is that a cannon in your hand? George didn't think that hitting his broken hand was funny... Giraffe silhouette Nuts! Bullseye!!! Martin Place Cristmas Tree Ma Sorry buddy, i've just come.... Boxing day brings the blue sky Phone chops Christmas dinner... Aussie style... Bloody nice tho aye! Nice socks Lydia, who bought you them per chance? Cool!An Aussie flag... better get it signed by everyone... A Christmas present for me? Medusa Bloody BIG boat! Opera House reflections Bridge reflections The Sydney Opera House concert hall Bad taste! Arris I left Perth with 85,000 on the clock... so i've travelled 5,000km on my own all the way across Oz!!! A rain cloud looms over the Kombi (Actually rain falling in the distance and caught by the setting sun.. cool hey!) Wal's mutt Wal's pup Criekey!!!A coaster showing my villiage, Wadhurst, about 100 year ago!!! 360 of Wal's pad... A night on the grog for 16yo Cecilia... Wolf Spider Drove thru about a dozen locust plagues since Port Augusta!They've been eating everything... Wow, this shire looks like it's going to be really nice and interesting and beautiful and stuff... ! Like a bloody Grand Prix circuit here! 888888 Port Augusta... Looking almost beautiful Bucket Iron Knob... Great name! Moving house... Aussie style Will the road ever have a bend in it? The constant cabin temperature for the last week... Windmill city Still going bloody straight... Rooey II and the road train The Border A Western Australian bottle tree 360 Looking across the plains from the pass Time to use the steering wheel again Bullet holes Kombi sunset Still going straight Suncloud Stearing not required for a while then... Nooseman camels My next little drive...The Nullarbor A couple of ickle haul trucks (spot the landcruiser next to them) Superpit! Sammy the seallion Careful it doesn't have yer hand off delivering their mail! Trees can do the splits too!! 360 of view walking round the tree-tops 50 cows... and 50 emu!!! Lookout! Don't slip! A 75 metre tree house!Cool! Burn-off A beacon to the ships White lighthouse The cold nuclear glow of... my keyring! Staligtites Woof! Result!Haven't had these for bloody ages!!! Scooting round ith flipper and his mates Squillions of dolphins Noose-tastic! Razor-wire... lovely stuff Fremantle Prison...wouldn't wanna stay here!!! Torpedo! And gave him a hug! Keith got his autograph!!! Petter Solberg WRC Super Special Rally Stage, Perth... Basically a life sized Scalextric... But not as fun Robin & The Witch's Hat, Perth Hill top Roos Pinnacle silhouette Pinnacle shadow The Pinnacles Desert 360 Nice doona cover on my bed tonight!!! Over the hill The day i met Prince Leonard of Hutt River Province Count the dorsal fins... Mustie, Me & the Sea Pellicans & Tinnies A half-decent shot of my returning from our (Me, Robin & Aoife) failed whale spotting trip in Kalbarri Robin took me fishing... This is my first ever fish!!! Robin & Aoife, My West Coast Buddies! And that is a hammerhead shark...If you really squint... It's a tiger shark!!! I promise you! Bloody shark's got my bait!!! Patchy cloud with sunny intervals The best sunset i've ever witnessed... but i was driving so no good photos :-( Kombi Lighthouse Blow hole! Snow???...nah, it's salt...had you fooled tho aye! The cuttlefish garden Bloody fish everywhere! EEEEK!A shark!!! Manta!!! A couple of cat fish Heavenly rays I'm sure i buried my bone down here somewhere says Raymond... A genuine Cheese And Jam Sandwich!!! Wading with about 80 black tip reef sharks! They didn't say anything about Roos! Termite Sunset Eh? Who me? Found a starfish! Linda the Bond Girl Misserable Coral Trout! The girls @ Turquoise Bay Ears watching the road Woo hoo!Me and 4 irish chicks in the back of my Kombi!!! Saplings Wandering up Weano Dave dropped his hat Pervey Dave getting a shot Climbing over over-hangs ain't easy... I.e. impossible! Crack!!! Bit windy tonight! Smelly feet! Thru the legs Don't fall! Blue Asbestos As you can see, the water was really warm! Loaded Linds Easy life The Knox Slide, lots of fun! Petrified! Thumbs up from Linda too It'll be alright mate! Only two people died in these gorges this season Lorn & Dave having a swinging time! Linda's infamous rope swing attempt Why carry yer tubes when you can lob them down into the canyon! Pud 'em up! Nosey Roo No Fear Another Kombi!!! The top of Dale's Gorge Robin's backflip Fortescue Falls Dale's Gorge Aoife, Robin, Zo, Rachel & me Smuggling in Zo On a long drive, it's nice to put your feet up... Abi the crab Herman the Hermit crab Isn't it just the cutest ickle baby gecko you ever did see!!! Overtaking Robin & Aoife Dinosaur footprint Rebit Shockingly beautiful Cable Beach Sunset Boab tree The Bungle Bungle tour group The white caves Cathedral Gorge The Bungle Bungle bee-hive domes Me in a hole Vortex rocks Asleep on the rock Looking out of Echidna Chasm Stickey the stick insect The Bungle Bungle Camp huntsman Sunset clouds at Kununarra The longest zebra crossing in the world!!! Katherine Gorge Sunset cloud Nik's big tits Nik's lovely clean feet... YUK! Spiral Em Dee Sunset on Mindel Micheal Jackson makes a leap for it! A muddy tail Coatse's Frill-necked Dragon Our Kakadu 4x4 Safaris tour group Aboriginal Artwork in Kakadu Wolf spider on the prowl Twin Falls reflections Can you read it? Looking out from the bottom of Jim Jim Falls The plunge pool... 50m deep!!! Friendly fella Jim Jim's Cormorant Looking up the gorge at Jim Jim Falls Downhill water Fancy a swim? Peering over the edge of Jim Jim Looking down at Jim Jim Falls 777777 Help it's eating me!!! Do ya want flies with that? And we do too! Shocking Jennica Breakfast at The Rock Sunrise behind Uluru Glowing silhouette Sunrise glow, The Rock and the Southern Cross So she got dragged off into the bush Nikki was snoring... The shocking Canadians on the night of the Our Rock Tour group Can you take a photo of us please mate... oh and one for me... and me... me too... and me... and me... and me... Looking out at the domes from the Valley Or The Winds A snack stop at the Olgas Sitting round the campfire Z z z z z z z z z z z z z... The plan for our rock trip I think she's enjoying it! The finale of the Henly On Todd river regatta Trams in L.A. Should there be hydraulic fluid pissing out of the wing??? Z z z z z z z z z z z z z z... STB's US Tour finished... Fat Rock Cafe The Leader... in the Hard Rock Cafe in Salt Lake City! Shot To Bits on TV!!! Vegas from atop of Stratosphere A lovely waterfall and family of fat Americans Mr twelve foot tickle man Am I in Venice? The canals of Venice... Fancy a snog? Our hotel from the air Tony the helicopter pilot... or is it my brother? The mob Proof... The Grand Canyon, Champagne and me! The quarter-mile wide muddy brown Colorado River... At the bottom of the Grand Canyon The Hoover Dam Hovering sunrise Off on our helicopter champagne breakfast in the Grand Canyon!!! That's a funny sign to have in a casino!!! ha ha ha! And they're off! Take the pepsi challenge! Paris... of Vegas? Bellagio The boys @ Ceaser's Treasure Island's pirate show Blue boat Bluetit Grandad Phil Intersection Smile! After the STB gig we got taxied thru Vegas in the back of two pickups... Cool!!! Tweak Ffffffff... Atishoo Stratosphere Tottie The twanger thing ride on the top of the Stratosphere tower!!! Stratosphere's shadow Excalibur, our hotel Luxor's light The Fat Brothers at Fat Burgers That should keep Brian quiet for the night! Look at that crazy hotel!!!... Brian adds Queen Lilly on the bucking bronco Trouble J STB on stage (spot the crowd, or lack of) Smile The Roxy all lit up... Shot To Bits @ The Roxy Setting up in The Roxy on Sunset Billy The sunset on Sunset L.A. Freeway The smog over Los Angeles Sydney Harbor from the air A pissing wet BBQ on Manly's Shelly Beach...Great british determination, engineering and stubborness got us thru it Alice Spring's School Of The Air studios... The biggest classroom in the world!Featuring a real Rolfaroo!!! The Numery Station work gang: Me, Karin & Steve Me on my Quad BJ Olympic womens beach volleyball...cooool! Kim's back garden, drying washing, calves and ducks In-flight photo Matt the bat Walking the cows thru the property Extreme Fencing Washing your clothes in chocolate... or so it seems Spotlight Up a windmill The Doncow Sssssssssss.... Branded! How now brown cow...? Road train! A windswept Karin An orphan calf to add to Kim's collection in the back garden Et voila, a quartered cow.Shane and Kim didn't hang around i tell ya! One of the first thing to do when quartering a carcase, chop the legs off to stop it running away! ;-) The freezer was almost empty... So Shane & Kim selected the new 'Killer' to put in it... with the help of a rifle, knives, axe & chainsaw! Hoof The lovely Spotlight! Don't you love it when the horse nibbles yer toes! Tina Turner Scerenade the evil little pony Steve defending his crisps from the evil little pony... Even helicopter pilots need to take a leak! Bullocks! Karin atop of the volcano Numery station...500,00 acres of this desert like land... plus a couple of volcanos (what i'm standing on!) Glowing dust Cows kicking up the dust Dusk dust clouds A successful muster... the yards full of moo moos Flying like you have never seen, believe me! Tea-break Boiling the billy for morning tea In the Landcruiser on the way to work on the farm 156km of dirt road to the farm...The Kombi is still full of red dust! Months later... Steve's got the giggles Munch munch Fandangled disco lights Disco living room Second Hand Geoff the Bearded Dragon Lots of Domes The Olgas & Uluru Uluru and the Stars Olgas Glow Blue & Orange Well yes, it does turn a lovely orange colour Thumb Sun Rays and the Olgas Ommmmmmmm... Shadow climber Ears Rocks Atop of Uluru It's not that steep really... Hang on to that chain!If you fall, you die... Uluru Reflections Jen woz 'ere There's that rock thing... Can't think of it's name...errrr... Peering over the edge Creasant moon over the Kombi Red rockfaces Kings Canyon at sunset Strike a pose! Jen was swallowed by the sleeping bag croc! Bloody cold in Alice when we got there! -5C !!! Ears thought it was cold anyway! Jen's feet The Gahn's brand new track heading south Marbles, marbles everywhere! The Devils... Gonads Kombi under the Cross Satay Chook for dinner!As prepared by lovely Jen the dinner lady Driving straight over the horizon... and over the next too.. Mt Isa Mines' bloody tall stack.There new hole will be 3 times deeper than this! Orange Jen Driving west to Mt Isa Rebelzer, the burnt out Kombi! A very punky looking Jen... Looks like she's got shortish hair too! This is a good as it gets on the Savannah Way that stretches from Cairns to Broome...A single track of tarmac... ..if you press the button on the side of Jen's head, her tongue reels out... nifty huh! Buy low, sell high!!! A Golden Orb Weaver the size of a small dog! The Cassowarry: before & after... Super Jen! Leap! Crab shadow Chillie Pepper the dog @ Tropic Days Happy, joy! TWANG! Bloody heavy you knwo! Hello Herman! Big Taka Heeeeelllllllppppp!!!! Bit chilly down here! Spot Nemo (14 of em i reckon!) Fish bloody everywhere again... Finally we decend after Neil first forgot his weight belt...duh! Micky the Minkey Having a whale of a time! A content cuttle fish Evil Murry, the Morray Wink! Bow-wave dolphins Can you see the Flowery Cod? A passing trevally Spud, the Potato Cod Innot Hot Springs...Great name The sparks fly Stickman!!! Sarah, successfully delivered to Cairns, gets back on her bike and head of to the Tablelands Paronella Park Silky falls Baddagun Aboriginal dancers Rafting under the 'hot springs waterfall' on the Tully River Paddling home from Dunk Green ants nest Tall palm Mission Reflections The giraffe branch The estuary out to Hinchinbrook Island Spot me at the bottom...gives it some scale... (Sarah's Pic) Oz's tallest waterfall...Wallaman Falls A wild Cassowary with a Kombi Look at this little fella!!!Wombats are the cutest animals on the planet!!! A little relative of the Kangaroo Curlew leg hair de-fleaing service Fly! Sssssssssss Parrot legs (spotted after the photos was taken!) Smiling freshie Ahhh!!! Can i have a wombat please Rich! Dory Nemos nemos everywhere! Up on blocks Atop of the mast Defender Raymond Defender being buzzed by an F111 Hey Wurtle, you're looking a bit green today! Hawse Hole Sunrise Midnight and all is calm Silhouette Island A hard day at the office Whitehaven sand Wot you looking at? Plenty more fish in the sea Cave sneakers Cheekey Possum Red 'n' fluffy The orange track Big blue brain The birdie Reflected horisons Our very own beach for the day Wreck Beach 360 on Great Keppel Island (spot the crowds!) Cock If... I... Don't... Move... He... Won't... See... Me... Gnats!!! Moody reflections Paddliing thru the sun Long sunset Longtom Reservoir Dogs Spiral shell Crinkle It's a cactus bunny waving hello! Bunya Sunset At peace with the wallabies Saint Sarah The Opposition Effect Mt Beerwah 360 On the way up Convoy Dangling on a thread I'm a little animal, and my name is... A big sandpit Long legs Dune runnng Meow Maheno snack stop Indian Head 360 Dingo at dawn Hotsocks Lake McKenzie 360 Half in, half out @ Lake McKenzie Lizzard on the move Storm swept Frasier Where's their kayak? A big cheezey Canadian grin! Half in, half out Eva on the rocks My first wild Koala! In Noosa One of the more dangerous crocs at Australia Zoo Oinks I want a wombat too! Do you get the feeling he's a bit cornered? Abi the Crab Noosa 360 My office in Noosa 666666 A trashed stage Geoff, you look like a million... Lira A quick beer Under A Blood Shot Red Eyed Geoff A close eye on strumming Geoff reading out the 'wanted' collumn Big cheezey Steen Strange clouds A wedge Tail spiralling up a thermal with us Going into a spin Kirmit on the wire Millmerran Power Station Spot the donuts Stator spirals Ooh, Elea... Old Roo Looking... for... sweeties... Looking up a strangler Ben's sprawling The Corbett brothers recline (6 Ft Hick @ Rik's) G'day Possum! Sandcastle Man's creation Family frollicks at Wategoes Blue dusk at The Pass Nuclear Sunset over Byron Batty Bat Wurtle the Turtle Nemo Martin the Mantis Mmmm... Red Curry! Rather a lot of air between my feet and the ground!!! Tongue Threesome Miriam & Andrea's gobs Head planting Pete No swimmers? No problem for Miriam! A stop on the way up Kombi shadow MOO! 30m Empress water fall abseil Canyoning Dangling Gabrielle Three Sisters Titanic girls Love is in the air... Beautiful Bridge Sydney Harbor and Bridge 270 Sydney city 270 Ruder Groping Alf's arse!!! Body Surfing Paul... Falling Matt Skimming Mark Who took a photo??? Fur Patrol's rock video shoot Mark's pupil Beau Smith @ O'Malley's Sony Trop Fest short film festival in the Domain Bruce's kiss of life ''You can't take photos in here laddie'' True Blue Bondi 360 Cocky chewing his pine nut Kings Cross Dandilion Fountain Sydney city sky-line at night The Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbor Bridge What can be better?Scarlet, A screen, a city, an Opera House and a Bridge!!! Spiripples Cleavage Who you looking at? Ah!Isn't he cute!!! Lazy Bugger! The Blue Eroded Plateaus People watching fish Refraction-tastic! A 'stare-out' between Miriam and the Fish Cronulla Beach Ripples in the ocean Raffles, Singapore Saul pissed

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