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Dinh and her lovely bag of Durian Fruit flavoured chewey sweets...  they smell and taste exactly line the real thing... i.e. absolutely horrific!  Yuck! I tried one and regretted it. Dinh, Sharon and Travis.  My Stop-over buddies from the Inn-Crowd hostel Singapore's Chinatown High Five!  ...errr four... Snowmen, sledging and snowboarding... In Singapore?!?!?! Singapore's Science Centre - Tessla Coil demonstation Huge thunderstorm clouds over the coast of the Kimberlys, northern Western Australia Flying over an enormous open cut mine, somewhere in the middle of Oz I take off with Sydney International Airport now bathed in glorious sunshine and the city in the distance My last tour of Sydney in the airport shuttle bus... And in the rain...  Passing the Kings Cross dandelion fountain Miranda (the legendary manageress of the Pink House and Mother figure to us all there) comes out to see me off as i leave the Pink House! Sob sob... I wake up for the last time on my top bunk bed... Today i start my journey home! I say goodnight to the Music Room for the last time (Paul has the matching photo on his website http://www.jaymes.net) Brucie, with exceptionally long legs! The girls in the Empire Odette sporting her lovely suntan, fresh from Broome... and me, sporting my lovely white skin after peeling off the sunburn from the week before! Duh! It was a night of much stupid face pulling for the camera! Me and my Bundy Nikki, my Uni mate from Brighton, is still out in Oz working hard on her 4 year sponsorship visa... Just what i'm aiming to do! Mirjam, who lives in Max's house recently confessed to taking Mustie the Kombi out for a spin for the weekend!  Without asking! Naughty Girl! But she did look after her i hear Mustie the Kombi is delivered to the kombi-sitter... Max, who's gonna look after her until i return to Oz, sometime in the near future... Me at the wheel Me sitting on the bumper of Mustie the Kombi in the Pink House parking space out back... An ariel photo of the Pink House Hostel... taken quite a few years ago.  Apparently this was quite a grand house and it used to have gardens all around where the blocks of flats are either side and where Needle Park is on top of the underground carpark. Dorm 18 is probably the best dorm in the hostel...  top floor away from the noisy backpackers, only three bunk beds (due to the double bunk bed, so it still sleeps 8) and lots of windows, so it's lovely an bright and airy. Cool! My Dorm, Dorm 18 (for most of my stay in the Pink House).  Currently sleeping on my usuall top bunk on the left.  But i also spent a lot of time in the top double bunk on the right... and spent a few nights in the bottom left bunk and the middle top bunk... I get around :-)  And that's just in this Dorm! The view out of our window in Dorm 18...  'Needle' Park in the foreground and Rose Bay in the distance to the right (looking due west). All my stuff packed into my Top Banana yellow tote bag ready for my departure from Oz...  It weighs 30kg!!! Phone Book Fight!  Megan & Colin at it by the front door Odette's idea of relaxing Ooh gosh! Tail-light streaks down the Cross Scalextric sunset A very sweaty Maddie emerges from her bag after her journey down the stairs Me and Chris put Maddie in my tote bag!  And then carried her down 2 flights of stairs to the TV room! Bump bump bump all the way! The Queen Victoria Building all tarted up with Xmas decorations The Bridge and Opera House from the north side Maddie showing off her tattoo that just happens to be visable thru the hole in her jeans Julia trying to get a good signal ;-) Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge Sydney's Icons at night Sydney CBD over Camp Cove at night Steve's looking a bit green today! The view from my office in my Dorm...  But you really don't want to know what was laying out in the middle of 'Needle' Park that day...!!!!!!! Silky Sydney Sea The Ghost Girl of Shelly Beach BBQ at Shelly Beach, Manly The girls down the World Bar Canadian Maddie's quote of the day: "I've Never Eaten Beaver"  ...Yeah righty-o mate! Playing the Hooveridoo A dog wearing a cat-skin fur coat...  !!! Me, Hellen, Ciera & Reish Newtown Festival Off to the airport for the girls... with hangovers! ha ha! Goodbye The Pink House! "Wot no Goon Sqad" It was the Goon Squad Girl's last night in the Pink House! Bic Brother Goon Squad Lou Goon Squad Rach Goon Squad Claire Spraying the girls to cool them down cos they're just too damn hot! ;-) The ledge at Wentworth Falls A perfect sky over Wentworth Falls An ickle ranbow sprite at Wentworth Falls Red Dragon in the sky Giggles on the rocks Sunset over the Megalong Valley Silver linings Enjoying fish'n'chips at the Megalong Valley sunset lookout ledge in the Blue Mountains Lou doing her duty as Shotgun Rider Rizzo Rat get attacked by Arfa Croc! Little & Large Lizzard love Wombat at full stretch Hello Mr Wombat!  How are you again? Red-eyed owl You look like a couple of fairies! Wot you looking at? Lou makes friends with a wallaby Claire bored the poor Koala to sleep look! Hello Mr Kookaburra! z z z z z z z z z The Goon Squad Girls check out the lineup for yet another Neighbour Night!  They're obsessed!!! Claire and the others goons give the thumbs-up approval to my Cheese, Jam & Marmite sandwich! Red Jen A ghostly Jen, the little Devil, sitting on Steve's sholder Looking back down Darlinghurst Road, the Kings Cross Strip Shelly Beach, Manly Poor old Lou, still suffering the evening after the night before! HELP!  My legs are being attacked by Jen! Spot Fergal's flash going off as i take this photo... Amanda the perv looking up Maddie's gusset as well!!! Fergal the perv looking up Maddie's gusset Clearing up puke whilst eating a kebab... Megan you're amazingly unbelievable!!! Chris finds his Julia passed out outside Dorm 18... And not wanting the kebab he'd just bought her apparently... Julia & Jen Twister continues... Lou the Lightweight goes off to bed as she's just too pissed... and it's only midnight! wuss! Upsidedown Maddie Me getting in a bit of a tangle playing Twister "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" Gypsy Julia Lou, who was by now very pissed, finally finds the missing pencil... you had to be there... Maddie looks up Seb's dressing-gown... A horrific mistake! Seb not really enjoying the prize of find the fourth King The Music Room Slumber Party moves up a gear with the start of a, ultimately devistating for some, game of Ring Of Fire That's a mighty strange face yer pulling there Megan! Ceira and her ickle teddy Christmas is soon and the hostel is starting to get busy... so we have to say goodbye to the music room until the new year... So we decided to have a Slumber Party!!! Nice one!  I go and get sunburnt just before i return home from Oz after lasting almost two year avoiding it!  I'm gonna go back white! Mustie the Kombi, Me and the Infamous Goon Squad Girls after a perfect day at Palm Beach Bonus!  The Home & Away crew turn up for some dusk filming of a romantic picnic and snog between two of the stars on the beach.  A perfect end to the Goon Squad's visit to Palm Beach, and some more Aussie Soap start spotted. Somehow, Claire reminds me of Mr Noseybonk...!?!?! Lou comes back soaked after a slight accident in the toilets Cheer up! The Goon Squad Girls at the Summer Bay Surf club Rach's rock shelter lookout Hello Lou! Rachael & Lucinda on the ledge Looking down on Palm Beach from Barranjoey Head A Kombi full of Goons Ceira sleepwalking around the hostel decides to join us in the music room in the early hours... It's ME! Fergal impresses us with his phenominal dance routines and air-guitar playing! The Goon Squad get mollested by a pissed Aussie yobbo Paul, The Incredible Hulk Di gets the chauffeur + Mustie the Kombi treatment and is delivered to Sydney Airport for her flight to Thailand.  Spookily, my little Scottish mate Kat, also flies to Thailand the same day from NZ and recognises her from seeing photos of her on my website and frightens the life out of Di by suddenly introducing herself as also knowing me!  Cool! The Goon Squad girls win the Neighbours Night Trivia Quiz, winning $200!  Smart-arses! Toadie!!!  I'd now met all the Neighbours i was expecting to meet... Although i really wish to meet up with Bronwyn... Phroar! Sabotaging the blokes showers ready for Grag to clean them in the morning... He will not be best pleased!!! This IS Les Patterson !!! (aka Chris) Crocadile Love The Goon Squad.  Lucinda, Rachael & Claire. Eternally remembered... Paul's head emerged from his box like a tortoise... but he looked the greenest green i have ever seen... and sure enough, he's spewed in his box! I returned from an airport fun to find the pary had 'moved up a gear'... and found Paul unconscious in his Goon Box Ending it Private Pyle style Punch face Andy's costume, especially the mask was frighteningly hideous! Eugh! Jay Lo... Spot the Camel's Hoof... (You are so lucky you can't zoom in on this pic! Eeek!) Halloween = Fancy Dress... Pauls costume was by far the best! A Goon Box! The girls watching Neighbours... !!??! Recorded by Claire on her digital camera as a movie and played back on my laptop...  Now that's what i call fanaticism! The city from Doyles Maddie loves to nuzzle a bit muzzle Sunset with the guys looking across the harbour from the rocks at Camp Cove, Watsons Bay to the City of Sydney Mad Chris pretends to run into the sea with Maddie's towl but drops it at the last minute... but it still landed in the water... Chris returns Claire to dry land after her dunking at Watsons Bay Oh god, it's ME! EEEK!  Silke the Lion Straw up yer nose! Brucie! 3 years on and Miranda still gets all the best jobs... this time some guys went sleep walking and pissed in Annika's shoes at the end of her bed...  Ooops! Ickle baby Claire curled up between Lou and Rach Red Ciera Red Claire Rach's tongue Claire's colourful corner We think the pint of Stanley during the Pepsi Challenge might have taken it's toll... Miranda's messy card A happy and very pissed miranda joins Bruce on the floor ...That got stranger! A couple of strange ones! The piñata didn't last long! Happy Miranda We made Miranda a piñata to batter the fcuk out of... that should relieve some of her stress!!! Miranda wins pass-the-parcel Errr...???? Hi Miranda! Surprise!!! Miranda's led into the courtyard with her eyes shut 125 Balloons to blow up for Miranda's surprise 3rd anniversary party A few flip-flops Bundy & Coke Me, Ciera & Lucinda Ciera on the Hooveridoo Tears as Claire & Matt leave The Pink House, Sydney, and Australia!  :-( A little huntsman in Dorm 18 Kat's laid-back photo technique captures the stair-case at Circular Quay Kat's quite laid-back when it comes to taking photos Oops, someone burnt their sausages in the kitchen! Ruaraidh makes the fatal mistake of passing out in the Music Room Down O'Malley's celebrating Ruaraidh's birthday Julez in the fountain The Infamouse Kings Cross Coca-Cola sign Me, Julez & Kat Chris & Ann compete in the Incredably Hot Sausage eating compo We actually met Lucy the dog too! The view from the Audrey Wilkinson Winery in the Hunter Valley Sinking sun reflections over our lake Nik's, Steve's and my ickle cottage in Hunter Valley Darling Harbour At Night Kev & Max string up Jo's shoe Sarah's car blows up...  The sparkplug shouldn't really just pull out without unscrewing it i think!  And it's a little bit melted too!  Crickey!!! Mustie goes round-the-clock!!! 999999!!! Mirjam doing the bikini run-around to complete her cars challenge...  Thomas in our Kombi was all geared up ready to go with our challenge to the compo but Sarah's car blew up... damn ;-) The multi-national Hunter Valley mob... Max, Katja, Katja, Thomas, Therese, Fabien, Mirjam, Kev, Jo  -  Sarah, Trish, Frank and me! Tasting lots and lots and lots of wine... i don't like wine i think Our digs in the Hunter Valley... Swimming pool, tennis court and 9 hole golf course...  no shit! Kieran loves going shopping when he's paralletic and, and unknown to him, with Dick written on his forehead...  Nice one Kieran! Kieran loves to dress up!!! Canadian Jo sporting his newly pierced THIRD nipple!!! Hello Hélène!!! Beau, still the happiest man in Australia! Miranda: Pissed, tired, alseep and snoring...  With a beer cap on her nose... The Biggest GM Strawberry In The World!!!  Tasty too! Evil looking Ben The Corbett Brothers...  aka SixFtHick My special pudding off the specials board down at Domo...  they're having a laugh ain't they!!! G'day, Welcome Home.  Welcome To Sydney - Never been so glad to see these signs!  I had made it back to Australia! Flying out over the islands... spot the reefs My 747 that was to take me 'home' to australia...  This time i'll be sitting upstairs!  Never sat upstairs before, Pacific Air have all economy seats up there, so i gave it a go... kinda cool! Waiting outside the Australian High Commission in Suva, Fiji, to try and get my new Visitors Visa... I got it in the end, but it involved several visits, phone calls, having to actually buy a ticket home for November sometime and waiting hours in the waiting room on my own before finally being seen by a cool Aussie immigration bloke that presented me with the visa and explained why i had had so much hassle...  It's all good tho! Video!!!  1000s of fish and cuddling the Tawney Nurse Shark... check out how close the tail is to slapping me round the face!!! Three more Bull Sharks swimming by.... eeek A very sinister sight... A Bull Shark staring straight at me with it's black life-less eyes... these are very dangerous sharks! They eat us! Thousands if fish everywhere!!!  Including the Giant (they were 50kg some of them!) Travallies!  They were the only real danger to us that day as they'll have yer fingers off if you were holding out food for them, their teeth are razor sharp The huge moray eel that lives at the shallow feed site Evil looking critters aye! White Tip Reef Sharks... But they're only small sharks and quite harmless to us... A reef shark swims right at me but turns to miss me just before i can get the photo... gutted... In amongst the thousands of fish swims the ever so friendly Tawney Nurse Shark... it was real cute and the feed guy was giving it a hug and stroking it... it loved it! I have never seen so many fish at once!!!! The map of the dive site for my Big Fish Adventure, diving with lots of dangerous SHARKS!!!! "Ouch!  That gotta hurt" people said to me...  No shit Sherlock!  I accidently kicked one of the chair legs at the resort on the last morning... reckon i fractured it... still hurts 2 weeks later... I say goodbye for the last time and sail away from the lovely Manta Ray Resort in the Yasawa Islands Ooh, a jumping spider, watching me Manta Ray Pancakes for breckie that morning!!! A stack of manta ray... spot the little fish that get a free ride on the pressure way infront of the manta's mouth Foot bitten off by a Manta Ray!!!! Manta Ray!!!  At last, on the final morning of my stay at the Manta Ray Resort, we get to see the lovely manta ray themselves... 5 or 6 of them...  So Cool!!! Another thumbs-up sunset The beach at Manta Ray Resort at very low tide... spot all the coral sticking out M....anta Ray Resort AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!  GIANT SPIDER!!!!!!   RUN!!!!!!!! Sterling Moss (said with a lisp of course) Yet another lovely sunset... Penny, Me & Sacha... Taken by Royce More Kava! Naughty Toohey!!!! Toohey the dog had been chasing the cat around... the cat jumped up onto the wall of the decking and thought it could sit there smugly for a while with Toohey looking up... but Toohey waited until the cat wasn't looking and left up at it, making the cat leap into the air and over the side of the Bure to fall about 8 metres to the ground bellow!!!  We rushed over to see the cat running into the bushes... so it must have landed on it's feet i guess! Unloading the Lomo, the earth oven they built... they had made a fire, dug a hole, pur the embers of the fire in the hole with all the wrapped up food, fish, chicken, potatoes, breadfruit, etc...covered it in palm and banana plant leafs and buried it... left it for a few hours before digging all the lovely food up for supper! Mmmm... Toohey, chewing my shoe One of the guys staying on the island, Paul, made this great Manta Ray sand sculpture!  He was bored and it was raining... perfect A friendly little Moray Eel that Paul found poking his head out of a hole And Tam & Bekki, two more ghosts of Manta Ray Errr... Thingy... the Gradient Ghost Girl Yet another Kava session The best photo i have of Lenny The Lion Fish, nice and sharp, in focus, good lighting, etc... shame the bugger is facing the other way!  Git! A 2ft long Titan Triggerfish, with his big buck teeth, top and bottom, used to eat the coral with! (Cheers Tim for the correction) I found Lenny The Lion Fish once again whilst snorkelling, this time he was upside down sitting on the roof of a little cave... but i was upside down as well when i took this photo! :-) I went on a scuba dive, the dive site was a bit dull, but out of the blue flew a Manta Ray!  A real one!  But it flew off again before i could get a decent shot of it... so you'll have to believe me when i say there is one in this photo! A typical evening on the decking of the main Bure of the Manta Ray Resort Playing frisbee in the moonlight with a wicked LED glow-in-the-dark frisbee!!!  It was so much fun! The two Manta Ray Resort dogs...  Toohey and... err... Titty, as we used to call yer... she'd just pupped... Another sunset but this time from the Sunset Deck Irish Emma onboard Freefall, the yacht she and Axel, a german guy, were sailing across the Pacific!  They'd come ashore the night before to use our bar and had invited me over for tea the next day, so i kayaked over.  It turns out she used to live in Brighton and used to drink in the Bugle, my local!  Her sister still drinks in there!  Spooky The imminent sunset from the aptly named, Sunset Beach An ickle sandy Hermit Crab, trying to bite my finger! If your bored, try turning over one of the blue starfish that are everywhere, and in 5 minutes it will manage to right itself... folding over it's legs to do so... quite clever aye! Dunno what it was, but it's a wierd wobbley thing the size of a big pumpkin that slowly breathes water in and out... ??? The carnival procession in Nadi John, the mad security guard... He was absolutly nuts!  And the banter between him and Teresa, the tour guide was hilariousy disgusting! One evening in the Nadi Bay Resort, whilst having a beer with some of the Feejee Ex people i met whilst in Suva, Abel, one of the tour guides pops round and invites us back to the bus depot for a few rounds of Kava with Teresa, the other bus drivers and John, the mad security guard!  Funny night!!! To think that this, The Grand Pacific Hotel, used to be up there with the likes of Raffles in Singapore, etc... And my mate Liz, HRH Queen Elizabeth II even stayed here...  it looks like a squat now... But the government has just bought it and are gonna restore it back to what it used to be...  cool! The staff of Manta Ray sing us our farewell song when we leave the island to head back to the mainland on the Yasawa Flyer Oooh, a jellyfish!!!  ...no, only a big bubble... Bubbles from the divers bellow me... they look cool coming up at ya bursting on your face mask...  These ones look like a weird face! My friend, Lenny the Lion Fish...  I saw this fella a lot whilst snorkelling... Upsidedown underwater It's a hard life... The lovely Toohey Me drinking Kava A Christmas Tree Worm The Manta Ray Resort on the little island of Nanuyabalavu, two down from the Yasawa Group's main island of Naviti Our welcoming committee singing the welcoming song...  Bula! Just look at the colour of the water! Bounty Island... it's tiny!!!!  One of the many tiny islands i passed by on the boat up to Manta Ray Island Sort of cleaning off in the perfect bath water temperatured hot pool... The muddy bog monsters! John, you need a bath mate! Enjoying the chocolate coloured hot mud pool... if felt bloody strange around your legs tho... eugh! Sadly leaving Nananu Island... Teresa kicking sand up for the 'hover-dog' Another few hours worth of volleyball was had the next morning! Our island resoft in the foreground and the mainland in the distance... Our campfire on the beach with the southern cross in the background The most excellent volleyball court at the resort on Nananu Island.  We played for hours that night under the floodlights Another very rickerty bridge on the still unsealed kings road that goes up the east of Viti Levu, the main island The guys rush over to try and free one of the girls who slipped and trapped her leg between the bamboo poles on the raft!  It could have been nasty!  But all was ok... Everyone climbs onboard their Billi Billi rafts as the race starts! The girls give out a few soakings Syncronised screams from the twins as they feel how cold the water is! The Kava plant... The dried, crushed up roots are infused in water to make the drink John, our chief, still drinking.... Our group all signed in, in the visitors book for that day Hey, it's Karin's name in the visitors book!!! (My workmate from the cattle station) Kava...  Looks like muddy water, tastes like muddy water...  Makes yer tounge slightly numb, but i never noticed anything else... Our Chief John and our drinks first at the village kava ceremony I don't know... The kids of today!  No respect!  (Check out the rude little girl in the red, bottom right) Safetly behind the fence to prevent us from being mobbed by all the kids! All the kids in silence after the hilarious nursery rhymes with dodgy that the little kids had sung to them all down the microphone! Studying the kids work at the primary school Teresa, our amazing tour guide shows us all how to pole-dance! The water fights continue when we're on the long boats Looks like someone stolen Louise's Rodeo Bull!!! The water-jump by the waterfall Tubing down the river Coming out of the rainforest and there's the river! Our FeeJee Experience group photo taken on the day 2 trek The daunting view before you leap off with your boogie board... Sandboarding down this monster dune was excellent!!!  The climb up it tho was a killer!!! Piglets on the run! My guide around a nice little Fijian country village...  Couldn't make out his/her name... and i really don't know if it was a boy or a girl!!! In Fiji... A rickerty old bridge with a cane train track Crazy Steve and his prize possession, a signed meat cleaver from the notorious 'Chopper' Harris Poor Jonny, with his abused cast with newly fitted bells!  Shame we didn't have some Evostick to make them permanent... A kombi load of tired people after an exciting day out south of Sydney Don't ask what Johnno, Tasha & Andy are up to here! Fact: Wombats are just like dogs, they roll over and love their tummies tickled!!!  Cooooool!!! Hello Wombat!!!! Steve and the Mummy Jon & Emma and the Legendary Beau Smith in O'Malley's I get collared this week as the victim of Crazy Steve's Bingo and wear the Hairy Nose Wombat Ballon Burster Protective Mask... Little did i know some of the balloons contained coffee, whitener, and other mystery stuff... YUK! Crazy Steve's 'Fat Bastard Controller' outfit for that nights Bingo! Up yours Chadwick! Chad leaves the Pink House and Oz... with what looks like a survival kit! Chad being mollested again, this time by the German Nympho at the World Bar Dirty Dom mollesting poor Chad who was unfortunatly going 'commando' that night! Chad's also in the tangle somewhere... Miranda, sporting her very fetching headset and protective shopping bag, looking rather worse for wears... probably caused by drinking Stanly boxed wine out of a 1 litre Maß glass! Steve undisputedly corners Brad and pays him back for his part of the Flour-bombing raid against him Miranda gobbles Jon's saussage that's hanging out of his arse...! An ever safety conscious, Crazy Steve hosts a special Challenge Miranda bingo night! Steve mate, you're looking a bit tired Fun photographing the lasers Jay, Jaff & Gina and me go to Moist @ ARQ...  Girls night...  Wow, it was 90% girls in there...  what an evening! We visit Crazy Steve doing his 'day job'...  Driving Thomas the Tank Engine!!!  How cool is that! Mustie does 99,000.0 km   I spot it just too late! Sydney's glow on the horizon, looking over Pittwater... Dom, Emma, Chad & Jon at the Summer Bay surf club, at Palm Beach Miranda dresses up to see off Shane & Laura! The US Aircraft Carrier, USS Kitty Hawk, comes to Woolloomooloo, Sydney and dumps 5,000 sailors off to apparently spend an estimated AU$30,000,000 during their week stay! Josie does a sterling job at Fitzroy Twister Crazy Steve get properly flour-bombed by Miranda and her team of asassins!  'I gotta wear these clothes to work tomorrow!' steve replies! The boys are joined by Elf Boy Jon This weeks Crazy Steve Bingo, co-hosted by Tall Steve the Mechanic...  with weird head thinggy Julia says farewell as she flies off to Cananda Wendy the Fat-Arsed Wombat gets upgraded to Hand-lugguage... Just fitting in... I said smile, not stick yer tounge out! Wake up sleepy wombat!!! Julia and a gormless Koala Laugh then! What the hell is this owl thing??? Julia does well, overcoming her fear of hights at the infamous ledge footpath at Wentworth Falls Unsurprizingly, 6ft Julia bangs her head! Julia's Ghost A lit-up Three Sisters at dusk Sunsets in the Blue Mountains should be this cold and windy!!! 'Hello Julia' says Tim-Tam the Penguin... Sharks, sharks and more sharks! Smile! Red Starfish Fluoro-tastic! A gloomy day at Sydney Harbour Inside the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall... I have still never seen in the Opera Hall tho! :-( Julia the German alcoholic smuggling a beer onto the Darling Harbour ferry! Inside the Woolloomooloo Warf My skiing injury, where i fell on a rock that was hiding just beneath the surface of the snow... bugger! A tower of wombats! Julia comes to Sydney from Tasmania before she flies home to Canada and then Germany...  She's greeted by Ears and a bottle or beer... which Germans can't be without of course! The Pink House What's On board! We covered the hostel with little signs for Whiley that night Whiley's bed gets sabbotaged We celebrate the Victory of the Fitzroy Interactive Quiz! Joe Three Nipples getting in a tangle with a nice bit of tottie playing Fitzroy Twister! Jon wearing a bra...! Looking good Hillary! Paul, aka Hillary, Sir Edmund, after his spectacular wipe-out... Tall steve forces a surrender after totally failing to hit either Crazy Steve or Whiley! More carnage after the drop-off Carnage after a little jump Expencive but nice Goulash Snowball! Steve teaching Gina the art of snowboarding... Mini-Jon Hard to see, but there's a man standing next to a Yetti up on the ridge! Boards & Chad The Pink House Ski Team, waiting to head up on the slopes at Thredbo Snot Crazy Steve's and Whiley's infamous pillow fight Chad watering the flowers Crazy Steve's Midget Bingo with Tall Steve the Midget Debbie McGee! Spectrums from the prisms of the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Steve overlooking Palm Beach from our newly found cliff-top ledges A surfer at Palm Beach An ickle rat up by Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Palm Beach The Parliament Building's $1,000,000 flag pole!!! Canberra at night from Mt Ainslie, looking down ANZAC Parade to the Parliament Building on the hill... and spot the plane flying past The ANZAC Memorial The Old Parliament Building and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra My very own One Dollar coin, minted just for me at the Royal Mint... Which, ironically, cost me $2.50...  How does that work? The National Museeum in Canberra A somewhat washed-up sub...  In Holbrook, NSW WTF!?!?  Aerobics on the bridge by Flinders Street Station More of Melbourne in the morning Melbourne in the morning Zoë joins me for the crossing back to Melbourne and clearly beats me at the plate piling compo on the boat... We say goodbye to Julia as i head back to the mainland, Melbourne and then Sydney Dove Lake Atop of Marion's Lookout Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake, in all it's glory... Cradle Mountain...  The next day...  In the sunshine!!!  That's more like it! Cradle Mountain...  In the cloud... Who's this crazy nutter??? A Spotted Quoll!!!  This was the night we also saw our first two wild Wombats and a wild Tassie Devil!!!   Coool!!! Remarkable cave... The church at Port Arthur Historic Site whilst on their ghost tour... One of the nicest sunset's i've ever seen...  Kayakers in the forground, Mt Wellington and Hobart on the horizon... Kombi Sunset Nosey! And a Tassie style oast house Hop gardens!!! hoppitty-hop marks of a wallaby... you don't expect to find wallaby marks in snow... seems wrong! Just enough snow for a 'gay on a tray' snowboarder! Starting our hike up to the skiing slopes above Lake Dobson in Mount Field NP...  We gave up tho, walking in the deep snow at the top was impossible! Another pretty landscape by a river we found driving towards Lake St Claire Driving down into the hideously ugly, cleared bare hillsided mining town of Queenstown The amazing countryside whilst driving down the unsealed road down the west coast from Arthur River to Strahan One of the hundreds of rainbows we saw driving down the west coast One of the very weird exhibits down in Dismal Swamp Seconds before launching myself down the slide of death...  It was at least twice as fast as i was expecting... and bloody acary actually! Dismal Swamp slide...  apparently it's been closed down due to safety problems! Roadside goat Me not happy about an unprovoked water bottle attack whilst driving! Silky waterfall Photographer at work Frozen icey grass on the banks of one of the highland lakes Busy on the roads driving up in the Highland Lakes Zoë (from Brighton and Pink House Xmas) joins us for one of our famous joint effort satay curries! Mmmmm.... On top of Mt Wellington where the snow was falling horizontally! Windchill was about -273°C that day. Looking down at Hobart from Mt Wellington on a rather cold day! A seagul taking off infront of the full moon at warf in Hobart Writing our names in the air with sparklers we were randomly given by the manager at the pizza resteraunt! Mustie and an almost full moon Tell-tale footprints from our very brief skinnie-dip in the very cold Southern Ocean at Recherché Bay Tripping and falling over when rushing back to get in the self portrait photo! The rough seas of the Southern Ocean looking at Tasmania's and Australia's most Southerly point. The boardwalks across the swamps on the treck down to the most Southerly Point of Tasmania and Australia! Mine & Julia's hostel for the night near Dover... we had the whole little place to ourselves... Looking down on the Huon River from the Tahune Airwalk The usual photo of the Tahune Airwalk Wierd underwater-looking tree fungus Julia hard at work doing her brass-rubbing at the Esperence Forrest Herritage Centre Me and Julia having a rest on our curvey bench after the bastard hard day of walking up Mt Amos and then down to Wine Glass Bay Beach... Julia's cold hands after trying to shake some blood back into them...  I think she might have a bit of a circulation problem! Bingo!  Wineglass Bay bathed in sun... Slowley, the cloud started clearing... Keeping warm Julia & Me atop of Mt Amos Wineglass Bay, from Mt Amos...  Hmmm...  It's a bit cloudy... Fairy Penguin on the run! Ahh! look at the cute old donkey! Blurred Wombat nose! The wallabys wouldn't leave Julia alone! Gormless big bird Taz!!! Roo feet The wonderfully wiggly Ralf Falls Legerwood's famous tree carvings of their war victims More of Tasmania's wonderful trees waiting to be chipped... Sanding MDF  boards with a monster sanding machine my brother and Wal would be so jealous of! Making MDF (Mdium Density Fibre Board) where 500mm of wood fibre fluff gets squashed down to 19mm!!! Steam stack How to empty a truck load of wood-chip Blackwood timber pile A rather crowded bed Another scary face in the clouds... (see another when i was in Karijini) The Gum Tree Funky shacks at Pieman Heads The Pieman River barge crossing at Corinna (We went on a cruise to the Pieman Heads on the white boat on the left!) Gunns wonderful chip mill near Burnie, the Greens would love this! Mustie the Kombi's dead engine Darth Vader!!! Rainbow off Bruny CJ's book problem... Bitty!!! Looking down on Hobart from the Mount Wellington Lookout Hobart's big pen thing on Mount Wellie Up yours Freddo!!!! No swinging on the bridge... Yeah right! A sad day... Mustie the Komb's hearti stops... Lighthouse halo Me and CJ pig-out at the Spirit Of Tasmania's buffet dinner... Caption competition... What's Wombat saying to Croc??? Ben's groin getting molested once again! Geoff Giving it some bollocks! Ben loving the RSJ Bubble Busy bubble blowing at Morv's B'day Sunset glow between the skyscrapers of Melbourne Stained glass door in St. Paul's Cathedral Karin on the giant wooden wombat Looking back at the start line and starting grid of the Albert Park F1 circuit Looking out from the pits at the Albert Park Formula 1 racing circuit A GIANT black swan on Albert Park Lake Harold the dirty old git's got his hand on my knee!!!  Ergh! Joe Mangle, aka Mark Little, top bloke! Home & Away.  The beach scene we saw filmed on Palm Beach, where Rob get a coffee from Natasha Home & Away, the bit we saw being filmed in the car park was on Telly!  Well tipped off Nik! 'Hanging out' with Verena in the sun Verena, the Nutter!  She would spontaneously burst out in a laughing fit for no reason...!!!  Dime Bar!!! Dangling our legs out of Puffing Billy up in the Dandenongs Diamond geezer!!!  This bloke is the chap who made the weary wombats... Like my new, un-named, wombat!!!  (St. Kilda Market) A small Pink House re-union in the shitty Dallas Bar. From the left, Tracey, some random Irish guy!?, Neal, Steve, Me, Wendy & Kat Another scandallous paparazzi shot! He's out late!  He's gonna be crucified when he gets home! More Pinkers The evil looking hostel cat Tea for two Pretty red birdie Lot's of odd people standing around...  Feeding the birds... Letting off steam The 4NAL carriage A busy day at Ramsey Street Pin Oak Court... That's Ramsey Street!!! 360° view of Melbourne, from the top of the hostel, The Nunnary Tanya's Croc Two men, 2 bikes, 2 trailers, a sofa, an armchair, a gas BBQ, a gas bottle, a filing cabinet, a table, a bean bag, lots of milk crates, a buddah and no clue... A normal day in melbourne Crazy Tallulah the Canadia street performer Big possum, Little possum I'd love to know what the conversation was here! The exploding coffee table! Big laugh from Kat! Someone's dropped their purse... Scott & Charlene's wedding cake! Cow up a tree 360° From atop of Mt Oberon, Wilson Prom POO FELL ON ME CREEK Kat at Seaspray Beach "DON'T SLEEP & DRIVE" Mount Kosciuszko... in the rain clouds... :-( Nice weather on the horizon... but not here! Arthur Dog The dog in the Cat In The Hat hat 360° with Mustie at Tumut Pond Reservoir Looking up from the dam wall at Tumut Pond Reservoir The Big Marino 2 bottles of IRN BRU and Kat's a happy jock! Sublime view from Sublime Point Red shadow clouds Pissed off Yabbie Getting the shot... The edge A great paparazzi shot of George and Jacq...  Unfortunately it was staged... but it looks well dodgy! Pointing Guy Teapot of... something... Walkies Kat the lion tamer & Brains the lion (leopard?) Rainbow flags fly at the Mardi Gras Parade Fireworks and Lightening Return of the Mop! Lightening out my window A flying dragon Sony Tropfest in the Domain Our BBQ spot under the palms Manly from Shelly Beach A... bandicoot??? Boss-eyed! Possums are so cute! Catch!!! Ruth launching her retaliation after I hit her beer bottle with the frisby and made it fizz up! ha! Footie on Manly Beach A nice spot for dinner i thinks Flowers & Sisters Let me out! Which was there first, the rock or the railings Peering over the edge... Fly eye Wendy on the over-cliff path, Wentworth Falls Water monitor Water jump Abseiling down a little waterfall Looking up out of the canyon Walking thru the Jurassic tree ferns Mardi Gras Fair Day... After the rain washed everyone away... Swedish Steve and his new earrings Denise's Photo of the photographers! Nay! The Scenic Gondola Looking back at the Echo Point Lookout A patch of sunshine Looking down at my feet The Three Sisters and around Wentworth Falls The path on the ledge The Blue Mountains posse The Room 18 Pink Fairy! Andy... or should we call you Andrea!?!? Frozen Heart The Bunyip Looking down at Akoroa 360° of Akoroa's Harbour Giant duck i'm about to stamp on! The view from the door of St Patrick's Church in Akoroa Pebble search Quack, quack, quack, quack... A busy day on the river Hanging in mid-air Familiar sights... Weeping willows along the river banks, just like back home Christchurch's Cathedral Square trams Sunset over the sea of clouds Sydney from the air Overlooking Palm Beach and the Barrenjoey headland from the national park Probably how Adam & Vics actually saw it that night!A bit fuzzy Ooooh...Skimming fireworks across the water! For a small firework show it was very well set out! Good bit of symetry Darling Harbour's firework display... better than NYE!!! Great reflections of the Barge light show The Bounty A saussage sizzle 6 feet above the water Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour Boats bloody everywhere ...to watch bloody tennis!!! Australia Day... And the crowd gather at the Opera House Nice hat Guy The Opera House in the Bridge Deep Blue Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the Domain performing the theme tune to Star Wars!!! Smile Kat! The legendary pie van in Wooloomooloo... Harry's Cafe de Wheels Z z z z z z z z z z z More Home & Away filming What a great view Looking back down at Palm Beach, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and Pittwater on the other Barranjoey Light House, Palm Beach Bluebottle jellyfish Natasha's a bit pissed off with Rob Filming Home & Away at Palm Beach (Summer Bay) Summer Bay again with the girls Bruce on his bed of nails O'Malley's, Kings Cross Jason & The Dudes Jason's farewell present from us, the Dudes and O'Malley's Bollocksed Jason watching the Dudes... his favourite guitarists The Opera House, the Bridge and it's dangley ball The screen and the city Touching The Void @ Botanical Gardens Open-air Cinema Cool projections Lovely colourful stage Jaz in the Domain What a lovely face! Jason looking a bit moist Looking back at Sydney from South Head at the mouth of the harbor Golden Orb Weaver The Numery reunion: Me, Karin & Steve! Little & Large Check out it's sunglasses! Ravi had tried his hardest that night to woo Katie, he even tried the tried and tested Surrey charm & bluntness, but something told us it wasn't gonna happen... It's down here somewhere... Old times in Barons Kat smiling for the camera!!! Ravi suckling on Emmas breast Gay Chad Babs!!! A sneaky little smile from Abi The Mop! I lost my body!!! Lucy's pants

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