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Nice layered peaks Sunset from Radium One of the many runaway lanes for the trucks to use when their brakes fail going down these bloody long, fairly steep hills... i would not want to have to use one of them tho! Errr... trees? Sunset lit peaks over the valley The rather flashy Banff Springs Hotel...  Wouldn't mind a few nights here! Check out the Mutt! The Totem Pole in Banff The Lower Falls The Upper Falls Wandering up Johnston Canyon That will be Banff, hiding in the trees just to the left of the centre green peak A jet just manages to zoom over the grey mountian top The susspension bridge down at Paint Pots... Behind you can see the mountain side covered in a burnt forrest that was destryed in a massive fire a few years before Jason, post stir Lots of ochre at Pint Pots. It's a huge Black Bear!  Crickey!!!  So Jason wasn't lying about all these Canadian Animals then! ;-) It's a... Jason spots something in the road ahead... The lovely Olive Lake Trying out some night sky star photography with my new camera. ...A bird that had wings... The Dodge Ram driver had been out cruising and had managed to pick up a bird... We then had to walk down the highway for a couple of km to get back to the car! Bugger... But Smoe ran on and got the car and drove back to get us!  Diamond! Hooray!  We've finished!  17.8km and 1135m altitude gain later...  But we hadn't got to the end quite yet... We head down into the darkening forest... nearly home now... We came from up there! Slip Sliding our way down Check out the little fella on the rock... It's a Ground Squirrel apparently Right, onwards and downwards... down the Singlaire Trail Mich and Jason decide to take it easy back at the Col Alex and Smoe obvously had three Shredded Wheat as they climbed up just a little bit further to check out the view...  I followed... Not a bloody bad view on top of the world aye! We're now 2,400m up tooo!!!  That is actually quite high. We'd landed up climbing 1,135m on this trail!  We didn't expect that! We're there!  We finally reach the trail's summit at the Kindersley-Sinclair Col, it's all downhill from now on! A wide angle shot of my feet and the horizon We reach the alpine tree line. Not a bad vista.. but we're not there yet...  Poor michelle's thighs were suffing a bit from the climb so we took it slowely... Ooh, some Long Horn Sheep look down at us from the ridge.  They're quite famous in this area... I thought they were mountain goats but i was wrong... do you like mountian goats? Yay... We're at the top, we're reached the pass...  errr... oh...  no we haven't.  Up further we go... Our lunch stop on the bridge Not a bad view from what turned out to be not even half way!!! The path was fairly easy to walk up but it did head up quite high into the mountains... Nice trees, nice weather too! So off we go thru thu the forrests and up into the mountains. heading for the Kindersley Pass Kootenay National Park.  We looked at this map and decided to do a little walk to start with... so we chose the Kindersley Pass Trail over the Kindersly-Sinclair Col ... We didn't read the notes on the back... It wasn't so easy......... Out the back of Jason's condo Radium Hot Springs - Jason takes us up to his families Condo in Radium for a few days. Bambi! Also the boarder between Banff NP (Alberta) and Kootenay NP (British Columbia) The Continental Divide... Where water on left flows to the Atlantic and water on the right flows to the Pacific... cool eh! Up in the Rockies, surrounded by lots of very old mountains...  I'm use to the European Alps, which are relitively young and more pointy. We leave Calgary and head off up in to the Canadian Rockies Bison! Another little Canadian train chugs past... The Bow River flowing past Jason's farm A very fancy housing estate on the way out to Jason's parents farm. The Skijump ramps left over from the '88 Winter Olympics... not quite enough snow around today to do any jumps i thinks The gang looking down on Calgary from atop of Nose Hill Ooooh, Cyotes! The whole of downtown Calgary is a maze of raised covered walkways and bridges around and thru all the major building...  Called the +15  ...as it's 15 foot above the ground apparently...  this was created so that you don't have to go outside when it's minus 40 outside in the winter!!! The weird yellow 'female' sculpture in downtown Calgary... The male one is just behind it... Downtown Calgary... there be lots of oil money in this town! Me in Cowboys looking strangly 'horny'! Cowboys is full of big breasted cowgirls that will willingly take $5 off you for a short measured shot down tequila or bourbon whilst they jiggle their horrible huge fake tits on the top of your head...  hmmm nice... ...A nice earner for the girls apparently tho! Jason had to show me a good time in Calgary, so he took me to this fine establishment...  Cowboys! The Hong Kong teams entry was perfectly in time with it's music...  Where we had found a seat was right next to one of the speaker stacks... which was really loud... anoyingly loud at first, but then we reallised that it meant that it drowned out all the bangs from the fireworks... which were all out of sync of course. so it turned out to be perfect! yay again! I had another change to try out my firework photography skills with my new camera!  Lukily the rain that threatened us all evening stayed away, Yay! This was the Hong Kong team's entry... they won the year before in 2005 Jason, his sister & her boyfriend take me to see the International Fireworks Competition at Elliston Park! Coooool! Hello Calgary!  Let's go and see Jason! That T-Shirt is bloody excellent! ...a theme park with an enormous rollercoaster!...This shopping mall is mental! ...one of Tall Steve's dad's Bob The Builder rides.. ...a seal show!... ...a pirate ship in a lake full of coral... ...and a huge wave pool... ...A bloody enormous water park with tons of slides!... OK... so the shopping mall has an ice rink... OK, now for some shopping... in the West Edmonton Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the world!!! Choo choo! We tired to stay in the HI hostel in Alberta, but it was full... They suggested we go and stay at the Uni campas as school didn't start for another week still...  What a result that was!  We had a twin double room with ensuit, free internet and free breakfast!  All for $80 Loads cheaper and so much better than the Hostel would have been! yay! The pile of girls i found in the hotel room... Hello Alberta! Snappety, snap, snap. We collected a few Cabbage White butterflies along the way! Ears keeping an eye out of the back Hello Saskatchewan!  The girls pose yet another state boarder crossing! One of the many, many bronze sculptures created by Leo Mal, the Ukrainian Dutch Canadian geezer that lives in Winnipeg We head to Assiniboine Park to find a gig on at The Lyric 'Bandshell'... Cool! To follow dinner, we get taken on a little sight-seeing tour of Winnipeg!  With the dog of course! :-D Fuzzy nosed dog ...and Beer was thrust into our hands...  Followed after by Pizza, Wings and more beer! So we had to stay!  Man, these Canadian are so hospitable it's unreal! We pop in to see the mother/brother of one of the girls' uni friends... we weren't gonna stay the night in Winnipeg as we were gonna drive thru the night again, but we were instructed to get straight in the hot tub!!!... Half the whacky zodiac sculpture park thingy How's about this for a bit of stone carving then! (CNC Stone Carving me thinks) A relaxing time in Winnipeg down in the park by The Forks We approach the border to go back into Canada from the states...  Unfortunately we don't realise that you have to be out of Cananda for 24hrs before you are allowed duty free...  So the girls have to sell our three bottles of spirits to some guys at the petrol station States side to avoid paying the CA$24 per bottle to customs!  We didn't declare the ofther two bottles we had hidden in the boot! he he he ;-) I think it's Alex under there somewhere Still snoozing Cruising thru the night Whilst the other snooze Alex in the driving seat Fun with the banana in the back seat Driving into the sunset Alex and her yellow cushion Me and my first Canadian Moose! Wow, you look so fetching Mich, in your road-kill hat... Me & Mich...  and err, Alex... Smoe in the driving seat Mmmm...  Cheese and Jam Bagel! The girls: Mich, Smoe & Alex in our lovely hire car.  Today we drive across Canada to the west coast!! Looking good Justin! Mich's ghostly brother Justin stiking one of his Catalogue Model poses The start of an obsession...  I first discover Cherry Milkshakes from Dairy Queen... Silky Falls Me and Rach at the bar she works at.  I'm just about to tuck into a big plate of their award winning wings! Mmmm... A joey a long way from home... The lights that light up the falls Friday night at Niagara Falls is firework night!!! The lonely little falls Smooth as silk A bit of both lit up nicely The American Falls now looking dead sexy all lit up at night All that water splashing about creates a nice load of very attractive froth Almost under the horseshoe falls! Cruisin' past the not so empressive American Falls... Let's have a go on the Maid In The Mist Niagara Falls (The Horseshoe Falls) on a dreary afternoon Niagara Falls (The American Falls) on a dreary afternoon My AMTRAK train from Penn Station, NYC to Niagara Falls, ON. My bedroom... the Library, in Lee's folks Appartment.  There's lots of famous people in those photos! Madness down the pub.  Lee and her mate pulling silly faces New and Old... ish Atlas.  Poor guy, he looks so stressed... as if he has the whole world on his shoulders...  Oh, he has! Love is not always perfect... Yes that is a look of honest disbelief!  Me just about to attempt to eat my Carnegie Haul sandwich in the Infamous Carnegie Deli...  I managed half... ROAR!!!!  (Museum Of Natural History) The queue for Macbeth (Shakespeare In The Park) at the Delecorte Theatre in Central Park... It's free and these people had been camped here all night to get in!!!! (I'm not joking!)  Mad! Belvedere Castle in Central Park... it's so amazingly old ;-) Mmmmmm.... Cuuuuuuuupcaaaaaaakes......... Cupcakes! Newyorkers are crazy about them!  That's why we had to queue around the corner at the famous Magnolia Bakery at 11pm!  Bonkers!  ....but yummy! Reflective sunset over Central Park Dangly, swirly things in the World Financial Center Building No 3 You can just imagine a high speed chase with one of these diddy things! Squirrels everywhere! Looking back at Manhattan and some classic Tower Optical coin operated binoculars! La liberté éclairant le monde - France's present to America The cheesey building Tall init! Me, Lee and Jesse(?) on the top of our big red bus doing the Downtown Tour of NYC Genny & Lee.  My tour guides! On top of New York City... the view from the Empire State Building After a lovely Italian meal with Lee's sister, mum, dad and grandma, Lee drives me around her lovely city at night... I survived!!!!!!!!  Touching down at JFK in NYC! Fun at Heathrow.  Leaving UK to start Part two and i'm sutck in another paranoid bomb scare...  doh! I only had to wait about one and a half hours outside the terminal tho... but another one and a half hours trying to board the bloody plane as they searched us all again!  Crazy. Cheers! 9 of us ex-Pink Housers were reunited for a piss-up in February, in the Aussie Walkabout Bar, Temple, London.

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