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Sid the Squid Squid flying along in a T formation A barracuda joins us on out safety stop Jesus was a pirate! The Halliburton A gummy looking moray Airport Caves DM Lou showing off her immense strength with a one armed handstand... Swivel! A powerline sunset A sunset sea I want one of them!!! Rob catching a tow from Becs Smile Mr Moray! Today, Miss T is out of the water having her bent prop repaired... to we get this fine tub instead... :-( Cam, who's a bit pissed from the day on the cay, decides to get some dreads...  It took 3.5 hours... The ever smiliey Fay and GB Helena looking after the important stuff... and doing it in style! Putting my feet up on Water Cay Sarah in her war paint How many people can you fit in a hammock??? Hello sandy nose! Can't remember who won... but i think the BBQ stopped play! The big volleyball match...  Liisa just sits around... This deep fried pork, in a secret sauce, was absolutely awesome!!!!!!! The swedes go for a paddle Water Cay from the sandbar...  Not bad eh! Jacq dissembarking from our 'speedboat' (more like 'chug... chug... chug... chug...') Today we're off to Water Cay, a little uninhabbited sand cay to the west of Utila...  There's just sun, sea, sand and palm trees...  But we've got the beer, bbq and the hammocks! So Cameron's locked himself out of his room and needs this padlock 'picked'... So i stroll up saying i'll easily open it for him (having once been told to open padlocks with the aid of a hammer) give it a whack and voilla!  Did it first go! Not onely did i totally amaze and impress the boys, i also secretly amazed myself, but you just have to breathe on and pollish them nails whilst looking dead smug! :-D That's not Daniel, that's John Bon Jovi! Everyone's gone Hulky! The Swedes and the Swiss enjoying the party on the roof! It's Saturday night... So that means it's Booze Cruise time! Evil looking buggers these fish! If you can't bring the Shrimp to the Barbie, they you have to take the BBQ to the Shrimp! Some Garden Eels having a look around Utila's trademark Elkhorn Coral I wonder why they call it a Hawksbill turtle??? ! Wurtle the Turtle Sunbathing in the sea... The pano view from the dock at Alton's, Utila Abstract decking My handy work with a swiss army knife and a pineapple The totally amazing Treetanic treehouse bar! The girls treat us to a Bacadi Raz Mellon Lobster on the run The floating swedes! Lara & Tequila Negotiating the shallows to get a burger... (we run aground on the out, buggering the prop and shaft unfortunately) Water Cay, at the west of the island of Utila My silhouette in the sun ray in the sea! Ian giving Lara a good spanking Colin the Crayfish hiding in the coral A mob of banded coral shrimps hanging out in their sponge Sunset ripples Our PADI Rescue course gang: Me, Jacqui, Cam, Ian, Lara, Charlie & Danno (+ Beate out of shot) A Utila Sunset Ian gets a tow from lara, back to the dock, after accidentally falling overboard Jacqui & Lara leap into action to save poor Cameron's life after they found him unconscious underwater...! Cam pops up to say hello! EX-TERM-IN-ATE! After a few too many shots! It all goes horribly wrong when i knock over my flaming shot with my straw!  Sucking it off the bar really, really burns yer lungs i can tell you! That IS Jo Brand!!! Looking good with my Pink Panther Two skinks shagging Top Cat! Slightly upside down Steve Irwin's mate Billions of bubbles Looks like the Scorpion Fish is blushing... Dave's rum-fueled animated fish talk...  Amazingly informative... Now we know what we are looking at under the waves! DM Lou How spooky is this!  His name is Rich, he's from england, and he's got the exact same T-Shirt on! Fun with the camera and the Boi twirlers Heads together Madness at the Full Moon party Miss Trinity, Alton's dive boat On my first Utilia night dive, i finally get to see and Octopus! And he was out hunting, which is really cool to watch. Feeding Tali After rain stopped play today, we decided to make good use of the rest of the day by playing Ring Of Fire...  Much rum was drunk! Great, bloody rain! ALL day! Ron's Wreck...  I got to know this site quite well! What more do you need, sunsets, hammocks, the warmth of the Caribbean...  It's a hard life... Probably one of my best ever diving photo...  A Yellow Line Crab sitting in his Azure Vase Sponge...  Which looks like a heart!  Sweet! Christening my new Suunto D4 dive computer on my first dive on utila. Almost there... In the pickup on the way to Alton's, what would be my lovely home for the next 3.5 weeks... Seconds before the puking started on the choppy ferry crossing! ha ha! Waiting for the ferry at La Cieba The crazy Danish geezer i'd met the night before on the bus... he'd had his lugguage lost by the airline!  He was off to Roatan to meet a friend who was... wait for it...  a dolphin trainer!!! The Banana Republic hostel in La Ceiba... didn't stay long... Just the stopover before catching the ferry to Utila early in the morning.  But i did manage to meet some cool people there... (Note to Lara, that's you!) My intro to Central America, San Pedro Sula International Airport...  Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for the bus... So i leave Orlando and head to Honduras! (Via Miami, as seen below) A Cinnabon cinnamon roll... they proved to be a major feature of our week in Florida! Driving down Daytona Beach in the hire car...  Sweeeeet...  and spot the tottie in the mirror ;-) Walt & Mickey looking over their park The lighting up of the castle at night was pretty phenominal Not difficult to get amazing shots here!  (tho i could have framed these in landscape Doh!) $1,000s of fireworks must go up every night putting on this amazing show We managed to race back to the Magical Kingdom in time for the mandatory Fireworks over Cinderella's Castle...  I guess they have to be carefull the fireworks don't melt the plastic castle! Best not swim in that water!  The special effects were very good. The big show in the Disney Hollywood Studios park was really quite ellaborate! Muppets 3D!  It was excellent! Nice hat Donna! Squirt! Me and the mouse Mickey's shoes! Oooooooooooooooooh! The day-glo fun of the Buzz Lightyear ride!  It was fantastic! The view from the middle of town There he is! It's that Mouse geezer... Thingameebob... Tottie! Main Street, looking down towards the castle Ohh, it's Cinderella's plastic castle! When in Rome... This time, there was no cloud, so we saw the whole flight, until it had gone all the way over the horizon...  neat. Just the smoke trail left...  And if you are clever, you'll spot that some of those little star looking opjects are the solid rocket boosters falling to the ocean after separation.This time, there was no cloud, so we saw the whole flight, until it had gone all the way over the horizon...  neat. Off, off and away! Yep, it was pretty bright again!  This is a long exposure with my little camera...  Which wasn't quite up to the job...  Should have done a video... Doh! The Delta II really didn't hang around when it got going! LIFTOFF!!!  bang on schedule once again! I've been lucky with these launches! The Delta II, my next rocket launch to see!  We were viewing it from Jetty Park, just south of Cape Canaveral.  A lot closer than the causeway was to the Shuttle, but this rocket is quite a bit smaller... and faster! I spotted a pretty low low-rider...  I'm sure Crazy Steve would approve! The Rocket Garden An ISS stylie loo...  Spot the foot straps, etc... Just in case explosive diarrhoea gets the better of you in the weightlessness, shooting you off up into the ceiling! :-D A pukka model of the Russian bits of the early stage of the International Space Station Standing under the middle of the Saturn 5 The cockpit of the Lunar Lander...  not much cat swinging in here either!  And the door out to the ladder down to the moon is the hatch under the flight controls/gauges...  I'm sure squeezing thru that in one of those space suits was a bit tight! The top end of the Saturn V, where the 3 brave guys get to sit. Donna dwarfed by the Saturn V's five F-1 rocket engines nozzles! It's also excedingly long (tall) it took a couple of minute to walk from one end to the other! The Saturn V...  This is also a lot bigger than you think...  This was by far the best attraction at the Kennedy Space Center...  I spent ages staring at it in awe... The VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building)...  Believe me, it is far bigger than it looks... It's bloody HUGE! Only a few days previously, the shuttle was stood here before lifting off before my eyes... cooooool The VAB and LC-39B.  With the well-trodden crawler-way linking them Welcome to Malcolm The Manatee!!!  Everyone needs a manatee... and i've now got Malcom to travel with me! If the world's gone tits-up, who're ya gonna call???  Manatee Rescue! Bloody dolphins everywhere! His & Hers!  You gotta love the way the stand! ha! Double-dolphin powered transport! Now that''s what you call a woman with a porpoise... Coool! We're gonna get wet!!!! The stunts n stuff the orca were performing with the swimmers were amazing!  Shame i didn't see this one coming and didn't quite nail the shots to do it justice Time for the killer whales with the floppy dorsal fins!  Poor old Shamu...  The show started with a sickening over-the-top patriotic announcement...  They just make it sound so false! "what's the difference between an Essex Girl and a Walrus?  ...One's got whiskers and stinks of fish... and the other one's a Walrus" Nobody stays dry when the sealions are about! ...and on my right, more penguins... I want a Manatee!!! Aren't Manatees great! You could watch the poor cooped up dolphins playing for hours...  Shame they weren't blowing the bubblerings like they were in YouTube! Today we're at Sea World!  Feeding the dolphins and taking way, way toooo many photos! Never heard of a Xing...  But they have long legs, necks and beaks! The view of the park and the Hulk Rollercoaster from Popeye's boat. The Cat In The Hat's hat! The amazing Stump Man! With lovely clouds too! An unfortunate look... but quite common in this part of the park, so Donna got away with it ;-) Two Drowned Rats after the log flume! (me and Donna, my Florida fun parks buddy) Spot the guy on the second row... Looking a bit worried on The Incredable Hulk rollercoaster... Today we're going to Universal's Island Of Adventure! Off it goes, out of frame... and soon up into the clouds...  The launched with the clouds only a few feet above the minimum ceiling height...  This created a wonderful effect of making it look like an atom bomb going off!  But alas, this also meant that we missed the rest of the flight up and over the horizon that you'd normally get to see...  But double WOW anyhoo!!! Liftoff of the Space Shuttle Endeavour! STS-123... All this happened in scilence... it took 36 seconds for the loud cackling rumble to hit us! Cooool! Our view of the shuttle, from the causeway...  pretty much face on to it...  So it's not long now... only a few minutes...Lots of checking of camera settings!!! Space Shuttle STS-123 sitting on the pad a few hours before launch... As viewed from the Saturn V building, where the VIPs get to watch it later The firing room for the Apollo 8 mission... All set up for the launch The Rocket Garden at dusk Not the place to be at T-0 seconds!!!!! The infamous Shuttle toilet!  But where's the door??? The NASA Meatball The Apollo 14 Capsule... Room for 3, but not much cat swinging going on in there still The Gemini Capsule had room for two and half the knobs and switches Mercury Capsule: Looks easy to me! Tonight the Space Shuttle is due to launch... But first, i'll check out the Astronaut Hall Of Fame, just down the road... My hostel in Orlando (Kisseemee), it's just a motel with bunk beds... but it worked well and i met quite a few cool people there! My Avis hire car for the week... A Dodge Caliber... It was pretty neat Part 3 begins...  I set off from Gatwick and start by getting told off for taking photos of the plane i'm about to board...  they asked me to delete the photo... so i did...  i didn't delete the one i had taken seconds before that tho ;-) Group Hug! Gay Chris getting up the bum from Fearghal Fearghal on CHAIR-guitar ! Pswswswswswswsws Bekkie had problems keeping her eyes open that night! Chris doesn't like tequila... Fearghal serving up another big tray of shots! 1/3 of the Goon Squad plus the Irish Boys are just a few of the many Pink Housers that turned up for the reunion in London I catch up with Caroline (& Co.) in London for a mini reunion as she was over... and we all had the most amazing burgers at GBK!

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